Geeks 24/7′s Managed Security Services provide expertise to help secure and manage security architectures, enabling you to protect your information assets and demonstrate compliance with industry regulations.

Now you can offload complex security management tasks, while your staff maintains full control of the network and security infrastructure at all times, and can act proactively to prevent and mitigate problems. A variety of service-level options and vendor-neutral support for a broad range of security technologies makes it easy to tailor a risk management solution that can satisfy the precise management requirements of your security infrastructure.

We provides expertise to complement in-house staff and remotely deliver change, lifecycle, and incident/fault management for your network security infrastructure. A comprehensive set of management services including firewall, endpoint, server, and intrusion detection and prevention protection is available. With all service levels, you have access to Geeks 24/7 experts who are always available to perform routine or emergency management changes and provide advice. In addition to keeping your infrastructure up to date and available, Geeks 24/7′s Managed Security Services experts will help optimize the configurations of security controls for the right level of protection.

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