Web Application Server for Business-Critical PHP Applications

Zend Server is a complete, enterprise-ready Web Application Server for deploying, running and managing PHP applications with a high level of reliability, performance and security both on-premise and in the cloud.

Why use Zend Server?

  • Develop faster
  • Deploy rapidly and consistently
  • Optimize application performance
  • Resolve problems more quickly

Develop Faster

Spend more time writing code rather than installing and configuring PHP libraries and drivers.development and production. Using a consistent, supported, and up-to-date PHP stack makes your life easier; and even better when that PHP stack comes with PHP caching APIs and Zend Framework built in.

Deploy rapidly and consistently

Application deployment with Zend Server lets you standardize and automate your deployment, getting applications out into production faster and more reliably.
While deploying your applications, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your PHP stack is supported by Zend, The PHP Company. With 24×7 all year round phone support, security hotfixes, and updates to PHP, Zend Server allows you to be truly confident about your PHP deployments.

Optimize application performance

Using Zend Server gives you several ways to optimize application speed, from bytecode caching to data caching to page caching. Running time-consuming jobs serially won’t have to be an application bottleneck any more, either, with the Zend Job Queue.

Zend Server’s application monitoring helps by detecting PHP errors, slow request execution, high memory usage, and more.

Resolve problems more quickly

When Zend Server’s application monitoring detects an issue, Zend Server Code Tracing captures a function-by-function recording of that PHP request, just as airplane black box data recorders capture all the details needed to analyze problems after the fact. This cuts down on problem analysis time which means faster resolution and shorter downtimes.

Scale to handle load and ensure availability

When the demand on your PHP applications requires extending them across multiple servers, Zend Server can ensure high availability and improved scalability. By adding Zend Server’s cluster management capabilities, IT teams can centrally monitor and manage multiple Zend Server instances, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Zend PHP Web Application Server for business critical PHP applications

  • Application deployment
  • PHP caching and optimization
  • PHP monitoring
  • Code tracing: PHP debugging
  • Job queue: offloaded execution of PHP scripts
  • High availability
  • Application scalability
  • Multi-server monitoring and management
  • Automation and integration
  • Zend framework integration
  • Optimize application performance