Windows Azure is a new technology platform which revolutionizes the way in which business applications are implemented, provisioned and managed.

The Windows Azure Platform offers all the critical components out of the box for developing and deploying a highly available and internet scale solution that can be offered by business to its users. Geeks 24/7 can help you utilize the potential by helping customers understand the cloud phenomenon and reap its benefits by taking measured steps towards building a cloud strategy. Our methodology for a cloud strategy is as below:-

1.Portfolio Analysis
Study the existing environment, understand the technology landscape and classify the systems according to their criticality

2. Proof of Concept
A proof of concept implementation to better understand the cloud features and services

3. Low Hanging Fruits
Identify the non-business critical applications and re-design them for the cloud. Understand effort required, realize cost benefits and study the operational model

4. Hybrid Applications
Use a few features/services of cloud within existing applications instead of building highly available services from scratch

5. Extending data center
Deploy an Intranet application to cloud and understand the Integration implications. Use VPC to extend the data center to cloud and manage machines from System center. Windows Azure based Platform can be used as a Disaster recovery site for your on-premise data center.

6. Mission Critical Applications
Use the high availability and scalability features of cloud to deploy your mission critical applications. By utilizing the availability and scalability features, internet scale applications can be designed that deliver consistent performance to all of your users without upfront investment on infrastructure.

Windows Azure Advantage

Backed by Microsoft, Windows Azure is a flexible cloud platform that enables companies to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of data centers. Companies can build applications in any language, tool or framework and can integrate a multitude of highly available storage services available as part of the Windows Azure platform to develop truly internet scale applications.