Mobile apps are transforming the digital space and witnessing unprecedented growth. As a result, app publishers have a lot to gain.

Mobile apps are everywhere. Right from reading simple blog posts to working on enterprise analytics, everything is being done through apps. In fact, today we are on the verge of a massive technological transformation of the way we were when the Internet first made an appearance. From product marketing, leisure activities up through solving everyday problems, it’s all happening with the help of smartphones and tablets driven by mobile apps. Media consumption is at an all-time high, and this represents massive opportunities in the form of a new industry opening up.

With Geeks 24/7, you are ready for this change. We give you apps that get you guaranteed results – whether to increase brand awareness, establish yourself as a reputed app publisher or for marketing purposes – we have the expertise and creativity to get it done. Our total focus on user experience ensures that your apps are high quality and carry a huge potential of going viral.

Android Apps

We help you plan and build Apps for the Android operating system. This also includes Kindle Fire Apps and Nook Apps.

“Android is hands down the largest mobile operating system in the world. Explore the new horizons of mobile apps and build a profitable business.”

With nearly 60% market share in mobile devices worldwide, Android has leapfrogged to become the dominant mobile platform. Developed by Google Inc., it has helped spark a flood of touch-based smartphones and tablets, creating an explosive demand from users not inclined to buy expensive alternatives. Google has very ambitious plans for its mobile OS, and has released ten versions in the five years since its inception.

You can use Apps for learning as well as entertainment. Geeks 24/7 believes that this opens new paradigms to supplement learning on smartphones or tablets.The e-learning industry has responded well to this innovative way of learning on mobile devices.

IOS Apps

We deliver top-notch, highly responsive Apps for the iOS platform. High on content and interactivity, our Apps are sure to please your audience.

“Apple has created a premium community around iOS. Today this mobile OS is the top choice for premium app developers and publishers.”

IOS may not be running on the majority of devices, but it commands the largest market share when it comes to mobile web traffic. The reason is simple: In terms of user experience and quality content, Apple remains unmatched by its rivals. This is obvious from the success of the iPhone and the iPad, two devices that outsell PCs and defy all attempts at replication. The iPad tablet is finding increasing use in business and education scenarios, allowing app publishers to break into newer markets. With the release of iOS 6 in 2012, Apple has provided more cutting-edge features for app publishers to benefit from.