BLUE STORM is a non-alcoholic functional energy drink formulated with the purest of components ideal for re-energizing the mind, body and spirit in moments of high pressure and physical and mental effort. It is manufactured by Vecordia Group, Inc. – a U.S. based beverage manufacturer and distributed/marketed in Nigeria by Vecordia Investments Limited.

Blue Storm is a global beverage brand with distribution in the U.S, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Vecordia Investments Limited the distributor and sole marketer of the brand in Nigeria needed a cost effective and turnkey way of connecting with the brand’s target audience. They reached out to Geeks 24/7 Limited to come up with an online platform to reach the over 45 million Nigerians actively using the Internet through devices such as mobile phones, PCs, Laptops, tablet PCs, etc. Geeks 45/7 Limited delivered an online presence that includes a professional designed web site, Facebook page, Twitter set up and integration, YouTube video feeds and active engagement via thousands of Nigerian online blogs.

Chancery & Scribe was founded with the goal of offering sophisticated legal services. The firm maintains this tradition of seeking excellence in a comprehensive, modern practice that spans across the world.

With offices in Nigeria, Europe and the United States – the bespoke law practice needed an enhanced online presence to reach across and maintain communication with it’s diverse client-based. They employed the expertise and services of Geeks 24/7 Limited to re-design and re-launch their online presence with a website that portrays and extends the professional images of the practice, email solutions on Microsoft Exchange platform and online collaboration on Microsoft SharePoint platform. The outcome was an online presence that meet and exceeded the practice’s business objectives – a worthwhile investment!

SIMS Nigeria Limited specializes in the distribution and sales of electronic products from major brands such as SAMSUNG, ROYAL, PARSUN and POWERMATIC. With over 25 years business practice and numerous branches that cut across most of Nigeria’s geopolitical zones, SIMS has succeeded in carving a niche for in the home appliances market in Nigeria.

SIMS Nigeria Limited commissioned Geeks 24/7 Limited to provide it with an online B2B and B2C platform to reach their customers nationwide. In addition to this was an all-encompassing web presence across all possible channels of the Internet. The end result was a custom designed B2B and B2C e-commerce platform that allowed distributors and individual buyers to access SIMS Nigeria Limited enterprise data warehouse for real time inventory availability and order process. In addition, a social media presence across Google, Facebook and Twitter social media channels was deployed to reach current and potential customers on the Internet. Also, implemented was a enterprise-wide Customer Relationship Management solution for order fulfillment, customer service and issue resolutions.

Visit SIMS Nigeria Limited’s online platform today for all your consumer electronics’ needs.

The Onyima & Adure Obioha Foundation an indigenous charity organization in Nigeria with the profound mission promoting love of education and humanity, advancing cooperation within the community through the spirit of sharing and self sacrifice, and perpetuating the values of hard work and humility.

The foundation selected Geeks 24/7 Limited to provide it with an online platform to get it’s message across. The foundation web presence is live and can be accessed via