Blue Storm Energy Drink Poised to Reach the Over 45 Million Nigerians Online

BLUE STORM is a non-alcoholic functional energy drink formulated with the purest of components ideal for re-energizing the mind, body and spirit in moments of high pressure and physical and mental effort. It is manufactured by Vecordia Group, Inc. – a U.S. based beverage manufacturer and distributed/marketed in Nigeria by Vecordia Investments Limited.

Blue Storm is a global beverage brand with distribution in the U.S, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Vecordia Investments Limited the distributor and sole marketer of the brand in Nigeria needed a cost effective and turnkey way of connecting with the brand’s target audience. They reached out to Geeks 24/7 Limited to come up with an online platform to reach the over 45 million Nigerians actively using the Internet through devices such as mobile phones, PCs, Laptops, tablet PCs, etc. Geeks 45/7 Limited delivered an online presence that includes a professional designed web site, Facebook page, Twitter set up and integration, YouTube video feeds and active engagement via thousands of Nigerian online blogs.