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Geeks 24/7 Limited aims to streamline your operational bottlenecks through the application of tested and proven technology solutions specifically tailored for your organization.

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Grow your business… not your technology costs!

The technology aspect of delivering ICT solutions is fairly easy; it’s understanding and managing the customer’s needs and expectations that’s the most difficult. At Geeks 24/7 Limited, we apply best practices across requirements gathering; project, communication and contingency plans; and implementation strategies that minimizes integration problems and deployment delays.

We admit it: We’re geeks! We’re big techies. We get a kick out of gadgets and things — complex data models — thousands of lines of program code. But we’re also business people with over 50 combined years working for Fortune 500 companies around the world. So our first objective is to understand your organization’s business THEN design **kick-ass** solutions to achieve efficiencies.

We strive to deliver agile technology solutions that react and adapt on changing business requirements and dynamics that are part of an ever changing business eco-system. By doing so, we’re able to achieve and maximize efficiencies across your organization, reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO), improve user acceptance and satisfaction and realize intended benefits to your value chain.